With Pipedrive, you can use filters to create different types of reports regarding deals, people and organizations. You can even mix different item fields in a filter and make full use of connections and custom fields you’ve already built in Pipedrive.

The list view – custom reporting and bulk editing


Which lists can I filter?

You can filter your Deals, Contacts, Activities, and Products. In business terms, you can create lists of, for example:

  • Companies from Southeast region who you have open deals with in progress,
  • All companies you’ve sold (or attempted to sell) a new line of products (Leadership Training) to this year,
  • All people with whom a deal is in progress and have currently entered a specific stage (so you could send some extra information to them),
  • VIP-category people in your database, with whom your salespeople have not been able to start any deals this year, and so on.
  • All deals with no scheduled activities.
  • All activities related to a specific organization.


Creating filters

Let’s see how you get your hands on this enhanced customizing power:

  1. Open the list that you want to filter (Deals, People, Organizations, Activities, or Products).
  2. Suppose that for your purposes, you want a list of people who work in companies that are based in the state of California – then you should open the People page.
  3. Click the drop-down menu at the top right corner to open the filters menu.
  4. Select Add new filter… to create a new filter set. The new filter screen opens.
  5. If desired, define a name for the filter set in the Filter name field.
  6. Click Add condition to add a filtering condition.
  7. Note – You can create two kinds of filtering conditions (‘and’/’or’ conditions):
    • If you want the filtered list to match all of the defined conditions, define them in the upper section of the screen under the Only show items that match ALL of these conditions title.
    • If you want to define multiple conditions, so that the results match at least one of the defined conditions, define the filtering conditions in the lower section of the screen under the Only show items that match ANY of these conditions title.
    • You can combine these two sections, too.
  8. Select the item based on which you want to filter the results. You can filter the results based on a deal, activity, product, person or organization filtering condition. Based on the item, the filtering conditions, following the item drop-down, change.
  9. Select the filtering conditions and values for the item.
  10. Repeat steps 4-6 to add as many filtering conditions, as necessary.
  11. Define the Visibility of your filter i.e., whether you’d like to share it with your fellow Pipedrive users or not.



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