What are deals?

A Deal is a visual representation of all actions taken towards the closing of a sale from start to finish. Deals will also automatically pull all contact information from the Person/Organization they’re associated with.

To better understand how this relationship with Contacts and Deals works, please review our article on how your data is organized.

Once you click on a deal, you’ll be presented with it’s detail page, which displays all Person information, Organization information, and all Activities, Emails, notes, and actions in regards to the Deal.

  • Deals can be associated with a Person and/or Organization.
  • Deals track all events and movements that take place throughout the sales process.
  • Since a Deal is connected to a contact, any actions you perform on the Deal will also be associated with the Person/Organization related to it.

How to add a deal?

Anywhere that you see an Add deal button, you can add a deal. You’ll find these in the following places:

The Deal Pipeline or List View

Any Person/Organization detail view

(This will automatically associate the deal with the contact page you’re on)

Mail inbox page

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