Contacts are obviously going to be the People or Organizations you’re selling to. In Pipedrive (and most things related to sales), you need a contact before you can do much else. Contacts will automatically track in their detail pages all actions associated with them that take place in Pipedrive.

 People are individual people. Later (or at the same time), People can have Deals opened for them, which will then be tracked separately in your sales pipeline.


 Organizations will act as a “mothership of data”. You can find all People related to an Organization listed in it’s detail page, as well as any notes, activities, or actions performed on any People/Deals related to the Organization.

  • Organizations are profiles holding long-term information, e.g., company websites and addresses.
  • Organizations can contain multiple people therein, as well as multiple deals.
  • Organizations can be related to other Organizations.


Tip: If you need additional fields to document e.g., job titles and mailing addresses, Click here to learn how to create custom fields.


How to add contacts

People and/or Organizations can be added into the system several ways:

In the Add-Deal box (create a deal and contact simultaneously)

Organization or People lists

Organization detail page

(add new People while connecting them to the Organization simultaneously)

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