The list view – custom reporting and bulk editing



So what is the list view, and why would you use it?

The List View is a powerful administrative and reporting tool. You can access this view on your Deals, Contacts, or Products. It will allow you to generate custom reports/filters off of almost any kind of data you can imagine. It will also allow you to export your filters to a spreadsheet, as well as give you the ability to make large-scale editing changes to your data.

As an example, let’s say you wanted to find all deals that are owned by a specific Pipedrive user, and you’d then like to be able to re-assign all of those deals to somebody else, or populate a new custom field you’ve added to all of your currently existing deals. The List View makes this task very easy.


Customizing your list

There is a way to customize any of your list views (deals, people, etc.) to display the exact content you desire. Columns of data can be hidden or shown as well as moved. You can also save a different combinations of columns on a per-filter basis.

Navigate to Contacts/People/Organizations, Deals or Products to open the respective list views.

Select the settings icon in the far right corner. From there, you can select which fields you’d like to have displayed in your list view.

Lastly, you can rearrange the columns of data to your liking:


From the list view you can sort out your lists by clicking the column headers, so for example if you wish to sort out your deals based on the deal value, you simply need to click on the column header:

Tip – Holding down the Shift key while clicking on your headers will allow you to sort your list by multiple different criteria. For instance, if you hold the Shift key, and select the Owner and Value fields, the list will be sorted by the Owner (alphabetically) as well as the Value of the deal first; thus allowing you to organize the list by owner but still sort that specific owner’s deals by highest/lowest value first:

Filters & custom reporting

Pipedrive can filter your deals/people/organizations/products by almost any type of criteria you can imagine. Just click on the filter drop-down to access Pipedrive’s pre-configured filters, or get started creating your own custom filter.

Example – Below is an example of a custom filter. Notice how we can filter our deals by our contact criteria, and how we can also combine the ANY and ALL sections together to form more complex filters. Custom filters will be titled automatically based off of the data you’re entering, but can also be given any custom title:

Filters can have a visibility setting given to them as seen in the image above. This setting can be changed later on as well.

Private – Only the creator of the filter can access this filter.

Shared – Every user in the Pipedrive account will have access to the filter; this doesn’t give visibility to the actual items in the list; if you’ve marked your deals/contacts as visible to: Owner & Followers then other Pipedrive users will NOT be able to access the results of the filter even if the filter is shared.

Save selected columns with filter

You may notice the option to save selected columns with the filter. This saves your filter to always include the columns currently visible in your list view along with the filter. It means you can always display the relevant information needed in your filter without having to hide or add additional columns.

Exporting lists

From the same screen, you are also able to export this list with the columns you have added. As mentioned previously, this is where you can customize, filter and sort the list view so that all the desired information is visible. Pipedrive will literally export out only the columns that are visible in your list.

In the far right corner where the  is, click Export filter results. Then you’ll be given the option to export an Excel or CSV file. You are then redirected to the Data export page, where the current export session appears in the Exports available for download section. The spreadsheet should automatically download to your device.

Do you not have any export options available? If so, then this is because you’re a regular user, and have had the ability to export lists limited in the account settings by an admin.

Bulk editing

There are several things you can do to edit your data:

Click directly on the field you’d like to edit; this allows you to edit one field at a time.

Or…Select the checkboxes of the specific rows you’d like to edit; this will then only edit specifically the ones you’ve selected, but you can edit any of their fields simultaneously. (example in GIF below)

Or…Select all rows in the list by clicking the checkbox in the header of the checkbox column; this selects everything in your filter and all results, even if you’ve not scrolled all the way down and loaded each row. The idea is to be able to quickly edit all results of your filter. (example in GIF below)

Or…You can also click, hold down on the mouse, and drag along the checkboxes you’d like to select. (example in GIF below)


Bulk deleting

You can either select and delete specific items from your list, or you can bulk delete all results of your filter.

To delete only a few selected items – You can check the boxes of the items you want to delete in your list view, and click on the trash can icon to delete them.

To delete all the results of your filter, select all by clicking the checkbox in the header of the checkbox column. Deleting this will delete all results of your filter; not just the ones you see on your screen.

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