Our return policy is the same with all collectives we service – we encourage them to take back an obviously faulty pen (with some proof of purchase, even without receipt their purchase history should be legally documented in their API/ POS systems. We always reimburse our collectives by their next order and haven’t had an issue with this.

60-65 Puffs per disposable .25g pen.

LIV Clear pens are made from 100% solvent-free clear THC oil is extracted from top shelf raw materials using the most advanced CO2 extraction.

Currently LIV pens come in three strains: Khalifa Kush (Indica), Sour Jack (Sativa), and Blue Cookies (Hybrid)

The LED light located at the base of the device blinks once the perfect dosage has been delivered via our leak proof mouth-piece.

LIV Clear product can be purchased at many collectives throughout California! Check our LIV Clear Distributor Locator here.

You can always keep up with the LIV team and learn how to be notified about any upcoming event by following us on 

The flavors of our LIV pens come from naturally occurring terpenes extracted from each specific strain. No artificial flavors are added.